My name is Samantha and I’m Poking around Toronto’s book scene. After a few publishing internships and classes, I’m looking to embed myself in the local literary scene to be in touch with the book-reading community and noteworthy novels being published today.

My hope is to create a hub in which book lovers can talk about literary news together and be part of our thriving local book scene.

I also offer editing services! Contact me if interested.





Social Media and Disclosure Policy
Alright, my lawyers tell me I have to say this (kidding, I can’t afford lawyers):

all posts on this blog are my own opinions and experiences unless otherwise stated.

I’m only sharing my own thoughts, and hope to start some great discussions. All comments are approved by me and will always be accepted unless they are defamatory, hateful, racist, or explicitly inappropriate as determined by me.

Should I ever get a product or service sponsorship, any endorsement I make will be my own opinions. (But, let’s be honest: I ain’t gettin’ paid for this).

All images used on this blog will have their credit due to them within each post (Though, they’re often my own photographs). If you use an image, video or share my posts from my blog, please link back to the original poster.

Whew, glad that’s over with.