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Books have to stay in tune with the digital age to maintain any saliency with younger crowds. So listen here authors, writers, publishers, and marketers: think video.

Countless reports are claiming that videos are the “future” of the internet. Young people online are increasingly engaging with and posting videos. Scroll through your Facebook feed — videos are lined up and playing automatically for ease of watching. Click onto a website, a video ad is already playing on the sidebar; scroll through Instagram, a Boomerang video is on a loop — it’s almost impossible to avoid.

Check out this report from Buffer that explains video is hitting its peak. Social media platforms like Facebook are capitalizing on video, but many companies have a lot of catching up to do. Now is the time to stay ahead of the herd.

How does this relate to the book world? Books are still loved for their antiquated charm. The smell of the pages, the feel of paper between fingertips, sketching  a note in the margins — these moments are prevailing over the digitized story. But, that cannot be said for the promotion of and brand building of books.


Author Rachel Hollis has taken to the video scene show a “Day in the Life of an Author.” and she has thousands of views. 

Bookworks and others are trying to get this knowledge to book creators. The post also gives examples of effective ways authors can use video to promote their book and their brand. The post also explains to readers how to use Youtube… which, really, I’d hope is second nature to anyone trying to reach an audience online.

Think of vloggers, they connect to their audience because they are relatable while also desirable. We see ourselves in them, but also want to be more like them. Companies are taking note — even Hootsuite CEO is using video to better connect with the platform’s users.

For authors, video is a great way to get personal with their fan base. Authors can give snippets of themselves #irl (in real life). Providing live video scenes of launches and events is a great way to connect a community online in real time. It’s the perfect opportunity to show a personality behind the book that is relatable and engages with readers.

The book scene needs to find complementary ways of including digital media into their world. People may not be totally sold on digital books, but there are tons of other ways that readers engage online that publishers can use to their advantage.

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