What’s new with the Toronto book scene? Here are some October highlights:

  • Coach House book launch
  • Word on the Street
  • Toronto Book Awards
  • HIJ Reading Series
  • The Presidential Debate (ha, no.)
  • Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature

1. Coach House Books had a cozy setup at Studio Bar. I was awestruck by the words of Jordan Scott and by the warm tone of André Alexis. Laura Broadbent read one of her poems about Lao Tzu’s teacher application, which was charming and hilarious.

2. Books, books everywhere! I’ll admit, Word on the Street is basically a giant book sale. But, it can also be a great opportunity to check out the local book publishers, see what’s hot on the market, and find authors to sign your book.

3. Cordelia Strube won the Toronto Book Awards and the lit scene glimmered with excitement.

4. The Toronto-based publishing house BookThug hosts a regular reading series called HIJ. This month, guests heard snippets from the The Naturalist by Alissa York, a hilarious parrot scene from Gary Barwin’s book Yiddish for Parrots, and André Alexis tried reading some new work. Also, they serve pie… so much pie.

5. The reading community was startled by Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize win — Check out my post about that here: https://pricklypaper.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/are-lyrics-literature-is-bob-dylan-literary/